LPD PortraitThe Patrol Division is responsible for the 24-hour daily protection and service to London's residents. Duties include traffic enforcement, accident investigations, crime investigations, answer calls of service from animal complaints to robberies, and handling special detail for local events among many others.

Red Squad

  • Sgt. Travis Hurley
  • Ofc. Eric Stallard
  • Ofc. Greg Turner
  • Ofc. Steven Sparks
  • Ofc. Elbert Riley
  • Ofc. Eric Wilkerson



  • Sgt. Richie Reynolds
  • Sgt. Travis Couch
  • K-9 Ofc. Jacob Bormann
  • Ofc. Daryl Zanet
  • Ofc. Patrick Nunley

Blue Squad

  • Sgt. Ryan Jackson
  • Ofc. Ashley Taylor
  • Ofc. Cody Faulconer
  • Ofc. Eric Stallard


  • Sgt. Gary Proffitt
  • Sgt. Justin Roby
  • Ofc. Dillon Blair
  • Ofc. Drew Jackson
  • Ofc. Troy Truett
  • Ofc. Dylan Hampton