Our Mission

The London Police Department was Created to...

Provide protection and law enforcement services to the community of Laurel County.

Our major goals are...

To reduce crime through prevention, detection, and apprehension of offenders; provide for the orderly and safe movement of vehicular traffic through traffic law enforcement, accident prevention and accident investigation; to ensure public safety through regulation and control of hazardous conditions; the recovery and return of lost and stolen property.

To provide...

Non-enforcement services through programs designed to meet community needs and desires.


 In 1826, the city was 746 feet wide and 1,800 feet long. Since that time, London has grown rapidly and so has the London Police Department.

Today, the London Police Department is staffed by 38 police officers and civilian personnel. The law enforcement agency was one of the first police departments in the state of Kentucky to be certified as an Accredited Law Enforcement Agency.