Monthly Archives: December 2016

London Police arrest two in possession of narcotics following a traffic stop

LONDON KY—On Monday, Dec. 19th London Police conducted a traffic stop on Old Whitley Road and through investigation, narcotics were discovered, and two were arrested. Det. Sgt. Joe Smith conducted a traffic stop when Jermaine Matthews, 42, of Detroit, Mich. failed to use a turn signal while making a turn onto KY-1006 from KY-192. Matthews…
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London Police arrest two for theft and a large quantity of drugs

LONDON KY—On Saturday, Dec. 11 at 12:36 a.m. London Police responded to a complaint from Wal-Mart on KY-192 about a vehicle that was broken into. Through investigation, two were arrested, 20 grams of methamphetamine were discovered, marijuana, and various items used for drug usage and distribution. Ofc. Daryl Zanet was the first to arrive at…
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