Serving the city of London and the London Police Department as Chief of Police is an honor and privilege. Since 2003 I have devoted my career to serving and protecting the citizens of London with respect and integrity.

My vision is to continue to make the London Police Department one of the leading police agencies in the State of Kentucky. I will make certain that our officers are provided with the best up-to-date training, allowing us to handle any situation in the most professional manner. We will continue to work closely with the citizens of our community, seeking valuable input that each person can provide, to ensure that London remains a city where we can all be proud to live.

Our Department is committed to upholding our goals of reducing crime, providing effective traffic law enforcement, accident prevention as well as investigations, protecting property, and ensuring public safety. In addition, we are dedicated to community policing and engaging London’s residents in order to continue to build lasting positive relationships.

I am excited about the future of the London Police Department. We are blessed to be policing in one of the best cities in the world.

I promise each member of this community that I will do my due diligence to provide each member of the London Police Department with the love and respect he or she greatly deserves, so they may in return provide the best possible service to our citizens.


Chief Darrel Kilburn