London Police Make a Burglary Arrest

LONDON KY—On Friday, Jan. 8th at 8:20 p.m. London Police investigated a drug tip at Economy Inn and made a burglary related arrest.

Ofc. Justin Roby noticed Joshua J. Morgan, 26, of London walking around the back of Economy Inn carrying shoes and a coat while investigating a drug tip at the Inn. Upon stopping and talking with Morgan, he stated that he was staying with a male and female at the Inn that he didn’t know and someone had given him the coat he was carrying. Morgan gave permission to Ofc. Roby to search his coat and inside one of the pockets a wallet was found, belonging to Kenneth McGee.InmateImg012016ZZZ86167_01082016212840

McGee was located in room 18 at the Inn but was staying in room 14. He said he had left his coat in room 14 but it went missing along with a pair of white tennis shoes. McGee was then shown the coat and shoes Morgan had in his possession and McGee identified them as his own. He stated that the coat was worth $60 and the shoes were worth $50.

Morgan then stated that he went into McGee’s room and threw the coat and shoes out of the Inn’s window and went around the building to pick them up.

Morgan was arrested and charged with second degree burglary and to serve a Laurel County bench warrant. Morgan was lodged in the Laurel County Detention Center. Ofc. Roby was assisted at the scene by Officers Drew Wilson, Greg Turner, and Jeremy Shell.