Two fallen London Police officers will be remembered daily and will provide inspiration to other officers, thanks to a memorial wall that was dedicated Monday at the police department.
The memorial wall honors the service and sacrifice of Lt. Travis Hurley and Sgt. Logan Medlock, who died last year. Lt. Hurley lost a heroic battle against Covid in January, and Sgt. Medlock was killed by a drunk driver in October.
The memorial was installed inside the squad room at the London Police Department. It features photos of both officers and their End of Watch dates, along with the phrases “Honor The Fallen,” and “Heroes Never Die.”
It was dedicated to the family members and to the police department Monday in ceremony that was both somber and appreciative.
Chief Chuck Johnson said the department wanted a way to honor and remember the two officers.
“This wall will be permanently a part of the London Police Department,” he said while dedicating the wall to family members of Lt. Hurley and Sgt. Medlock. “This will be a daily reminder for the officers, the first thing they see when they get here and the last thing they see when they leave.”
The memorial also helps the department with the grieving process after a difficult year in 2022.
“Like the chief says we get to see this every day, whether just touching the wall or coming in to look at their pictures, it does help with the grieving process,” said Sgt. Drew Jackson, who was Sgt. Medlock’s supervisor the night he was killed.
Family members of the fallen officers voiced their approval of the wall and for honoring the sacrifice of their loved ones.
“Their memory will never fade as long as that wall is there,” said Major Randy Medlock, Sgt. Medlock’s father. “It’s a beautiful memorial and a blessing to have. It’s very nice.”
Courtney Medlock, Sgt. Medlock’s wife, said the wall will bring comfort to her and her “family” at the police department. Son Brantley touched his father’s photo when he first approached the wall.
“Oh I think it’s wonderful,” she said. “Knowing that it’s here, it’s like Logan and Travis are still working, and they are watching over their fellow officers.”
Angela Hurley, Lt. Hurley’s wife, said the memorial wall is a fitting tribute to two officers who did a lot for the community.
“It’s very special to us,”she said. “It makes us feel like there’s a piece of them still here. It’s very nice.”
“I love it, it looks great,” son Andrew Hurley said. “Definitely well deserved. I’m sure it helps the officers seeing it every day. They’ve had a difficult time.”
The memorial wall will be mounted on a custom black metal frame and can be relocated if the police department moves to another location.
“No matter where the London Police Department is located within the community, from here on out this wall will be a permanent fixture,” Chief Johnson said.

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