London Police Engage in Crisis Intervention

LONDON KY—The London Police Department (LPD) responded to a 9-1-1 call on KY 192 on Saturday, August 8th at 10:10 p.m. and ended up saving a life. Officer Greg Turner was the first to arrive on the scene and discovered a suspicious male subject who appeared as if he was attempting to jump off the KY 192 bridge near College Park Drive.
Officer Turner immediately informed dispatch of the suicidal subject and immediately began putting his crisis intervention training into action. Upon the arrival of more officers, the officers witnessed the male subject resting in front of Officer Turner’s patrol vehicle.

“I asked Officer Turner what had transpired, and he informed me that the male subject was standing on the rail with his arms extended outward,” London Police Sgt. Richie Reynolds said, “Officer Turner spoke with the man in such a manner as to coax him off of the rail. Once the male put his food on the ground, Officer Turner immediately went over and took physical control over him and took him to a safe and secure area.”

Ambulance Inc. of Laurel County arrived shortly after to transport the subject to the hospital.

“The man hugged Officer Turner and told him he owned him his life,” Sgt. Reynolds said.

London Police Chief Derek House stated that approximately 90 percent of the LPD have received crisis intervention training. Chief House’s goal is to have 100 percent of the Department trained to better serve the London community as well as assist the Department of Criminal Justice Training in their objective of having every police department in the state of Kentucky trained in crisis intervention.