London Police Officers Displayed Commendable Service

LONDON KY—London Police Officers Jeremy Shell and Michael Wilson responded to a complaint that resulted in a weighty decision on Saturday, August 1st when a man operating a motorized wheelchair needed assistance on North Main Street at the London Utilities Office.

Upon the Officers’ arrival, it was determined that the man’s wheelchair battery had died and he was attempting to return home on Maple Avenue. Officers Shell and WiOfc. Jeremy Shelllson determined it would take approximately two hours to charge his wheelchair. RTEC’s transportation service was unavailable at the time, which prompted the Officers to act upon the next best alternative—which was to push the man and his more than 300lb wheelchair to his residence. Officers pushed for about half of a mile until they reached the man’s residence.

“Their efforts and decision to push the male subject home are commendable and reflect highly on the London Police Department,” London Police Sgt. Eric Wilkerson said.