London Police make a meth arrest in Hardee’s parking lot

InmateImg052016ZZZ87913_05082016081128LONDON KY—On Sunday, May 8th London Police responded to a complaint of a man passed out behind the wheel at Hardee’s on south Main Street. Through investigation, John D. Lassila, 55, of London was arrested.

When Ofc. Jacob Bormann arrived Lassila was in the driver’s seat slumped over and appeared to be passed out. Once Lassila woke up he had slurred speech, and when asked to step out of the vehicle he was reportedly unsteady on his feet. While performing at Terry Frisk, Ofc. Bormann felt a lump in the subject’s rear pocket. Lassila gave consent for a search and Ofc. Bormann discovered two clear plastic baggies containing methamphetamine.

Lassila was arrested and charged with public intoxication of a controlled substance excluding alcohol, and first-degree possession of a controlled substance, of the first offense. He was lodged in the Laurel County Detention Center.