London Police announce new dual purpose K-9

LONDON KY—The London Police Department has a new dual purpose K-9 who completed his two-month training process on Saturday, May 20th with handler Officer Jacob Bormann. Jack, a Belgian Malinois is trained in narcotics detection, tracking, article and building searches, handler protection, and criminal apprehension.

“His main job will be helping us find narcotics, but he’ll also be able to assist us in tracking potential suspects along with criminal apprehension,” Ofc. Bormann said, who’s been with the department for seven years.

Jack will assist with building searches, which can be a potentially dangerous situation for an officer.

“We’ll be able to send him in and he’ll be able to tell us if someone is inside,” Ofc. Bormann added.

Ofc. Bormann says being a K-9 handler is something he’s desired to do since he was a child. Working with the Department’s current and past K-9 handlers reinforced that desire and made it into an obtainable reality. The added responsibility of being a K-9 officer is that Ofc. Bormann not only is constantly keeping his safety in mind but also Jack’s health and well-being.

Although Jack is trained in criminal apprehension, he’s a friendly addition to not only the Department but also the Bormann family.

“He’s always with me so I have to care for him at work and at home. My family really enjoys having him around,” he said.

The London Police Department currently has another narcotics K-9, Tyson, who is handled by Officer Greg Turner. The addition of Jack will benefit the department by having a K-9 present on both day and night shift. The Department’s K-9s are trained by U.S. Customs Certified K-9 trainer Doug Gregory. Each K-9 works a maximum of eight years with the Department before they retire.

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