London Police arrest man for stabbing

LONDON KY—On Saturday, Oct. 14th at 6:54 a.m. London Police responded to a crime tip that a stabbing had occurred at the Shell Gas Station on KY-192. Through investigation, Robert L. Collins, 30, of London was arrested.

According to the gas station manager, Collins had visited the store hours before the stabbing and taken a 20oz Mountain Dew without paying. He then returned to the store and became irritated when he was asked by the manager to leave. He then pulled out a pocket knife and began waving it around.

The manager then stated to the investigating officer that a bystander began to assist him with removing Collins from the store when a scuffle broke out resulting in a laceration to the bystander. Collins then left the scene.

Police made contact with Collins at his residence, arrested him, and charged him with second-degree assault.