London Police Chief promotes Officers and assigns new SRO

London Police Chief Darrel Kilburn has promoted three officers to the status of Corporal and assigned a new School Resource Officer for Laurel County Schools.

Effective Saturday, February 22nd the London Police Department will have three officers with the status of Corporal, Ofc. Troy Truett and Ofc. Elbert Riley, and Ofc. Justin Hopkins. The Department has two alternating day squads and night squads, each work 12-hour shifts and are equipped with a Sergeant. The Corporals will support each of the four shifts within the Department, under the direction of the Sergeant on-shift.

Ofc. Truett and Ofc. Riley have been assigned to work nights, while Ofc. Hopkins will remain within the Laurel County Schools until the end of the 2020 school year.

“I’m proud of Justin Hopkins, Elbert Riley, and Troy Truett for their hard work as patrolmen,” Chief Kilburn said, adding, “I’m confident they’ll continue to lead this department in their role as Corporals and I ask the public to keep them – as well as the whole London Police Department in their prayers.”

Ofc. Greg Turner is Laurel County School’s newest School Resource Officer (SRO), while previous SRO Sgt. Travis Dotson will work as a street unit on a day squad. Ofc. Turner has 19 years in law enforcement with a background in K-9 handling, drug task force, and is trained in Crisis Intervention.

“We are blessed to have him looking after our children in Laurel County,” Chief Kilburn said.

Chief Kilburn stated that Ofc. Turner is a very experienced law enforcement officer and will continue to do an exemplary job as an SRO, just as he has done as a patrolman.

“I’m looking forward to working within the schools and making a positive impact on future generations,” Ofc. Turner said.

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