London Police Arrest Woman in Jail’s Front Lobby

LONDON KY—On Tuesday, Jan. 19th London Police received a complaint through Dispatch of a female that appeared to be intoxicated in the front lobby of the Laurel County Detention Center. Ofc. Drew Wilson responded to the complaint and through investigation arrested Joanna M. Mattingly, 26, of London.

Upon the arrival of Ofc. Wilson, Mattingly stated that she had been smoking marijuana and was high. Wilson reported that she had slurred speech, constricted pupils, was InmateImg012016ZZZ86313_01192016181037unsteady on her feet, and appeared manifestly under the influence of an unknown substance. When Wilson asked to see Mattingly’s identification, she began digging in her purse and grabbed a white plastic container. Wilson then asked what was inside of it and she opened it revealing a marijuana joint and a small plastic bag containing marijuana.

A small glass jar was also located with more marijuana. Upon being transported to the jail, Mattingly reported that she forgot her marijuana pipe was located in her bra.

Mattingly was arrested and charged with public intoxication of a controlled substance (excluding alcohol), possession of marijuana, and buying/possessing drug paraphernalia. She was lodged in the Laurel County Detention Center.